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¿About us?

The company World Wide EG Corp was born in 2010. Seeing the opportunity in daily life and the needs that exist in large and small companies to train at a professional level. In the same way, to help all those who have the desire to undertake, we offer a Business Loan Service to give a boost to your new company.

World Wide EG Corp knows how to take care of your business, but we also know that we must take care of your life and that of your family. We have different Life Insurance services where we have the best services that can benefit the health and protection of your whole family, Auto Insurance so that you are calm when driving your car

There are events that when they occur, cause you a significant financial loss. Therefore, having insurance for your car will help you drive with peace of mind since, for example, it can provide support in case of: Theft of your vehicle, Damage to third parties, Damage to your vehicle, Injuries to passengers, Company insurance . which is designed to comprehensively protect the risks of all companies engaged in commerce, industry, services, among others.



Improving the lives of our customers, employees, and community, as well as inspiring others to do so as well. Through business To be a highly qualified company worldwide in the business area, creating new companies, opportunities and the best services for each client of World Wide EG Corp and Help them grow their businesses.


To be the preferred option of our clients, exceeding their expectations of quality and service; and of our employees, providing a workplace that inspires to give the best of each one.

World Wide EG Corp is committed to these values and works to make every day a reality.
Save Money, Save Life!

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